Monday, November 15, 2010

Thanksgiving dress

I have been hanging on to this pattern for about a year. I love the style and the options, but I didn't have the courage to try it until now.

I decided to try it when I found this really cute piece of Fall fabric. I got a great deal on it, of course. I decided to start with the dress and since the pattern was so busy, I looked through my stash and found the rust colored material to use for the sleeves and ruffle. The buttons were in the stash that my mom and mom-in-law gave me, thanks again!!! It was a little harder than I thought, but still pretty easy. Here is how it came out.

Little Miss was so excited about her "photo shoot". She really got into it. I probably took 30 pictures.

The pictures in the shade came out a little fuzzy. I think it turned out well for my first attempt. I probably could have made it a size smaller. I ended up taking in the side a little so it wouldn't be so big. I'm sure I will be making more of these in everyday prints. Here are some more pictures from our photo shoot. Enjoy!

Minky Chenille Blankees

I have been putting off this project for about a month.
I found a white piece of this fabric as a remnant and planned to make a blankee for my new nephew due in February. I am still going to make it, but a week later I found two more pieces of white and a piece of blue on remnant. Score!!! I payed around $2 for each piece and still have leftovers for bibs and burp cloths. The most expensive part is the binding. However, I have seen blankets similar to these selling for $64!!! Can you believe it. Click here to see for yourself. And that is without a binding. I think I spent around $10 for each of them.

As you can see, it looks great even without a binding. I haven't put the binding on the pink one yet because I didn't have the right color thread. I plan to get it done tonight or tomorrow. It is purple with Disney princesses on it. 
Here is a close-up of the material. It is so soft and comfy, but not too heavy. Being that we live in Florida, I didn't want a really heavy blanket for the kids. I did make it a little bigger than a baby blanket though so It will cover them better as they get bigger. The kids love them and now I am excited to get working on Baby Ryan's. It will have to wait until after Christmas though :)

Paper Bag Skirt

I found a great tutorial online for a "Paper Bag Skirt".

 I love finding cute ideas and it's a bonus if someone is going to show me step-by-step how to do it. It came out really cute and it was so easy. I found the Owl corduroy as a remnant at Joann Fabrics for $2 and only used half of it. The pockets were brown cord left over pieces from another project, so only $1 for this super cute skirt.

The shirt and leggings were on clearance at Walmart. I am not quite ready to make knits yet. That is a whole other level. I couldn't get her to cooperate for the pics, but you get the idea. I am so ready to make another one, but Christmas presents first. I am excited though. I found a really cute piece of Zebra print corduroy that I can't wait to use. I am thinking hot pink pockets for it. What do you think?